What is a Session Usually Like? 


PHONE CALL:  Once you have booked an appointment, I phone you at the scheduled time on the number you have provided. I begin by briefly reviewing my ethics so  we are starting from a shared foundation.


INTENTION:  I begin each session with a silent prayerful intention that the information be a blessing to you and that all the data be for the Highest Good.  I am usually quiet on the line for about 30 seconds while I put up a screen and establish a connection.


INVITATION:  I invite you to say your full name or all the names you like to be called. Then I say the date and we begin your session.  I invite the information to appear during the reading in the form of images, symbols, and sound. I also invite any Angels, Guides, and Helpers to come and add their healing light and support.


TYPE OF SESSION:  This time is for you! You may choose the type and direction of the reading. Some common choices are:

  • General reading of your aura or energy field (sometimes called the Chakras.)
  • A Question-and-Answer session where you have a chance to ask questions that are important to you about your health, relationships, career, finances, etc. Many people come to the session with 3-5 questions they want to illuminate.
  • A healing session where we focus on looking for the origin of an issue that feels repetitive or “stuck” and then call in healing and light. This is a form of distance healing (similar to Healing Touch, Reiki, and QiGong.)


HOW DOES THE INFORMATION APPEAR?  I see the images and words on a large screen sort of like a movie theater screen. I also hear messages through my right ear, much like a long-distance phone call. I report things to you as I see and hear them. 


HOW DID YOU DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION?  My family says I was born highly sensitive and deeply empathetic. I am able to “tune in” to how people around me are feeling, which is sometimes called Intuitive Empathy or Clairsentience. When I had major surgery to remove cancer in my 30s, I began being able to sense energy even more acutely. With the help of an extraordinary teacher, I was able to develop my intuitive skills to include clear seeing (clairvoyance) and clear hearing (clairaudience). Our teacher taught us how to develop affinity for ourselves and others, accuracy in what we were sensing, clarity in how we were communicating, and strong ethical boundaries for reading. For more information, please refer to the ABOUT page.  


WHAT INFORMATION COMES UP?  It depends on what you ask.  Often people come with a few “big” questions about a particular area of their life:  Health, career, travel, and so on.  Readings integrate information from your mind, body, and spirit.  Some information will be very specific and literal and some may be more figurative or metaphorical.  Data can include experiences or perspectives from the past, the present, or the future.


WRAP-UP:  I try to let you know when we have about 5 minutes left.  At the end of our session, I bless and release all of your data back to you.

If you have additional questions about how I work, feel free to reach out to me via email:


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