Four Ways of Knowing

My belief is that all people are intuitive 

and just choose to develop their intuition to different degrees.  

Intuition is the process of perceiving or knowing things to a high degree of certainty without conscious reasoning.  This inner knowing transcends cognitive thought.

  1. Clairvoyance = Clear SEEING

“I saw that coming”

“I was able to read between the lines”

Some people see auras, colors, angels, and other beings.  Many people see images in their mind’s eye or visions in their dreams.  Some describe a large movie screen with pictures of people, objects, words, or symbols.

2. Clairsentience = Clear SENSING

“I had a gut feeling”

“Something smells fishy about that”

“I felt a sinking sensation”

Some people sense or “feel” the smells, touches, thoughts, or feelings of others around them.  These gut feelings may even register in the receiver’s own body.

3. Claircognizance = Clear KNOWING

“I am not sure how, but I just knew”

“I was surprised what came out of my mouth – how could I have known that?”

Some people know information they have not been told.  They describe it as a “knowingness” that comes to them.  It is almost as if a disk of spiritual data has been downloaded into the “computer” of their mind.  Another name for claircognizance is direct knowing.

4. Clairaudience = Clear HEARING

“Something doesn’t sound quite right”

“That little voice inside me said…”

“Everywhere I go, I hear the same song”

Some people are tuned in to voices, sounds, and songs.  Voices may belong to angels, guides, or one’s own inner voice.  Music and song lyrics are often significant, especially if they repeat.  

~by Karen Marie Christenson,