My ethics and beliefs form the foundation of my work. Please read through these before your first session. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you!



It is my belief that the true source of intuition is the Universal Light of God.


I believe all people are intuitive. Each person chooses how much to practice and integrate intuition in daily life.


The purpose of our time together is for you to know about yourself and your life. Data may be from the past, present, or future and include information from your mind, body, and spirit.


I believe you have a strong sense of your own Inner Truth. So if something I say during our session does not “ring true” for you, you may:

  • Ask questions about it
  • Store it to examine later
  • Completely disregard it


I view any data that comes up with affinity and acceptance. I experience information from a place of compassionate neutrality.


I will honor your privacy by not speaking about the content of our session to anyone else at any time.


Data is given as an offering of possibilities and never as a “prescription” of what you must or should do.  You always have free will and can choose whatever course you think is best.



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