My mission is to be a clear conduit for healing light.


First-time visitors are often curious about how my ability to offer spiritual and intuitive guidance developed. My family says that I have always been highly sensitive and deeply empathetic. Even as a young child, I was able to readily “tune in” to how people around me were feeling.

When I had a major surgery to remove cancer in my early 30s, something significant shifted in me and I began to sense energy even more acutely. I  enrolled in massage therapy school, where I began to experience vivid holograms of energy as I worked on people. At the recommendation of two dear friends, I sought energy awareness training to help me make sense of this flood of new perspectives.

From May 2001 to May 2002, I attended weekly classes on spiritual and intuitive awareness from Marie Burgeson of St. Paul, an extraordinarily gifted teacher. With the help of the exercises she facilitated, I was able to develop my intuitive skills to include clear seeing (clairvoyance) and clear hearing (clairaudience). Marie taught us how to develop affinity for ourselves and others, accuracy in what we were sensing, and clarity in how we were communicating. Her emphases on strong ethics and boundaries have remained at the core of the work I do today.

I have always been a person of faith and I yearned to incorporate more spirituality into my intuitive readings. From 2004-2006, I trained to become a spiritual director through the Center for Spiritual Guidance Training Program in St. Paul. In the program, we were taught the process of Holy Listening. The four facilitators demonstrated how to listen wholly to each person, while also tuning in to the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit. I believe this training and mentoring served to deepen my ability to listen.

I am a lifelong learner, continuously seeking new skills and knowledge. What a blessing to have so many opportunities over the years. For more information on my training and qualifications, please see the list below.

Peace & Light,


Training and Qualifications


  • Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Thomas
  • Additional graduate coursework from Hamline University and Metropolitan State University


  • Two-year certificate program in spiritual direction at the Center for Spiritual Guidance Training Program
  • Fifteen months of weekly classes for beginning spiritual and intuitive development facilitated by Marie Burgeson, MS
  • Monthly classes on meditation, spirituality, intuitive development and healing co-facilitated by seven healers at WomanWell
  • The Power of Shamantic Journeying with Sandra Ingerman, a seven-week training sponsored by The Shift Work.
  • Using the New Invocation to Access the Akashic Records, facilitated by Juliette Looye.
  • Quarterly classes and annual retreats for advanced spiritual and intuitive development facilitated by Marie Burgeson, MS


  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy Level I
  • Spring Forest Qigong Levels I and II
  • Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Courses 101-102
  • Usui Reiki Level I
  • “Grow Your Best Self” Nature-Based Personal and Leadership Development from the Center for Nature & Leadership
  • Extensive training with Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils


  • Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry
  • Spiritual Direction Listening Circles
  • Sacred Mind-Body-Spirit Circle
  • Wind Spirit Women Spiritual Direction Group
  • Soul Sisters Healing Arts Collaborative
  • Intuitive Arts Sacred Circle (IASC)


  • St. Croix Center for the Healing Arts, Ltd., Hudson, Wisconsin
  • Integrative massage; Anatomy & Physiology; Business, Communication, and Ethics; Reflexology; Body Wraps and Cleanses; Acupressure; Aromatherapy